Top 7 Accessories A Woman Shouldn’t Leave Home Without


You have a vast collection of accessories if you’re like me. From shoes to scarves to purses and beyond, I’m sure there’s no shortage of fashion items in your closet. But if you’re anything like me, there’s also no doubt that dozens of those accessories are left behind when I go out for the day. Women tend to travel light—and for a good reason! We don’t want our purses to get too heavy or have more stuff than we need. Still, though, there are some things that we should never leave behind because they’re just too important:

A Wallet

You’ll always want your wallet on you, as it’s a convenient way to carry your ID, credit cards, and cash. Plus, there’s nothing worse than losing your wallet! For safety, it’s recommended to store most of your possessions in your car’s trunk or back seat to keep them hidden from view while driving in public areas. This will help prevent theft and allow for easy access when needed–like if you’re going into a store where they’ll check IDs at the door. 

If possible (and legal), I like keeping my phone in my purse or pocket instead of putting it on top of my wallet because then no one can see what time I left work last night by looking through my photos from yesterday afternoon’s happy hour outing with coworkers at The Bar That Cannot Be Named Because It Is Secretly Called “The Bar That Cannot Be Named Because It Is Secretly Called ‘The Bar That Cannot Be Named Because It Is Secretly Called ‘The Bar That Cannot Be Named Because It Is Secretly Called…'”


Sunglasses are a must. Sunglasses shield your eyes from the sun and serve as a fashion statement and remedy for tired eyes. They’re so important that we recommend having multiple pairs at home–one for everyday wear and another for special occasions.

Phone Charger

You might think your phone charger is a no-brainer accessory, but it can be easy to forget. You want to avoid getting caught with dead batteries at an important meeting or dinner party.

If you’re going on a trip for a few days and intend to use your phone extensively, carrying an additional charger is advisable. It’s also wise to keep the charging cable since it can be difficult or expensive to replace if lost or stolen (or both).

Makeup Bag

A woman should always have her makeup bag. It’s the perfect size for carrying all your daily essentials and will ensure you remember everything necessary. Ensure you bring products specific to your skin type (such as moisturizer or lotion) to keep your skin looking its best!

Extra Clothes

  • Extra Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Phone Charger


Maintaining a healthy diet and avoiding hunger can be achieved through snacking. You can make your snacks or purchase them in bulk from stores like Costco or Sam’s Club. To give you some ideas, here are a few options:

  • Nuts
  • Fruit (peeled, sliced apples)
  • Yogurt (plain Greek yogurt, honey-flavored Greek yogurt with granola)
  • Trail mix (with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit)

Lipstick or Lip Balm

  • Lipstick is a must. You can always have a few lipsticks or lip balms; no matter your style, there’s a shade for you!
  • If you want a natural look, try red or pink shades that complement your skin tone. If you like bold colors, try bright pinks or oranges instead of traditional reds; these colors will make your lips pop without being too over the top!

Cash and Credit Cards

It’s wise to keep some cash on hand as you never know when you may need to make a purchase. While credit cards are convenient, carrying cash is more dependable if your card is lost or stolen. In such circumstances, you can easily cancel the card and request a replacement from your bank or credit card provider. But when there’s no more money left in your wallet–that’s it! You’re stuck with a way of buying something once you get home and get some more cash from an ATM (and even then…).

Complete Set of Keys with Car Fob and Identification Tag or Card.

Keys are crucial as they allow access to important places like your house or car. Losing them can cause a significant inconvenience. To avoid this situation, it’s best to have a complete set of keys, including a car fob that unlocks your car when pressed against it, along with identification tags or cards on each keychain. 

To avoid losing or having your keys stolen, it’s essential to keep them in a secure place. Leaving them in the open puts them in danger of being taken. Store them in a secure and concealed spot to prevent any potential disappearance. It’s also important not to lend these keys to anyone since they are valuable and should be kept safe from harm.


This list can help identify items that are worth keeping. Although they may not seem essential, they can be crucial in emergencies or when you require something small. And if nothing else, having them around makes your life easier! So take some time today–or tomorrow at the latest–and go through your purse or backpack to clean out anything unnecessary (like old receipts). Then stock up on these essentials before heading out into the world again.