How a Restoration Company Works

Restoration Company

Whether it’s water damage, mold growth, or fire damage, restoration companies help you return to normal quickly. They partner with your insurance company and help you navigate the process to ensure everything is covered.

Restoration professionals understand that dealing with damage is stressful and expensive for any homeowner or business owner. It is why they work so hard to ensure you’re taken care of.

Water Damage

When water damage happens to your home, it’s essential to have a professional come in and help clean up, dry out, and sanitize the space. It can include cleaning up drywall, floors, ceilings, and other possessions affected by the water.

Like Pure Restore, a water damage restoration company can provide these services. They can also clean up any mold developed due to the flooding.

After the initial cleaning, a restoration company may need to repair and restore parts of your home damaged by flooding. This process can involve repairs to your home’s HVAC system, roof, ducts, flooring, and other structural components.

A water damage restoration company should have the right equipment to perform these tasks quickly and efficiently. These tools help the company’s specialists take photos, complete inspections, and submit reports to clients and insurance providers.

Fire Damage

Whether it’s your home or commercial property, fire damage is an incredibly disruptive situation. As soon as the fire is put out, you need a restoration company to get things back up and running again.

The first 24 to 48 hours following a fire are called the “golden hours,” during which a successful emergency response and swift facility stabilization guarantee the recovery of the most significant amount of property. Building components and important assets quickly deteriorate and corrode due to the acidic soot and smoke damage caused by fires, which requires immediate attention.

After securing the property, a restoration company will assess the damage sustained and the contents inside the structure. It gives them a better idea of the scope of the work, how long it will take, and the costs involved.

Mold Damage

Although mold is a standard environmental component, those exposed to it risk experiencing significant health issues. Therefore, property owners need to act when they suspect a mold problem.

Mold growth is often secondary to water damage from plumbing or roof leaks. However, it also indicates an ongoing problem that must be addressed immediately.

If you have had water damage, contact your insurance agent immediately to report a claim and request coverage for the mold cleanup. It will help avoid costly repairs and potential mold claim disputes.

The insurance company will need detailed documentation of the mold infestation, the damage caused, and all personal belongings damaged during the mold outbreak. Make sure to keep everything in a safe place until the insurance company provides their approval.

Odor Removal

When property owners return to their homes following a disaster like water or fire damage, they may find unpleasant odors challenging to remove. These odors may be caused by biological matter, such as sewage or smoke residue, or chemical and physical sources, like mold growth.

Professional odor removal companies use cleaning, restoration, and deodorization techniques to resolve lingering odors at the source. These methods ensure that the underlying cause of the odor is eliminated and that the smell won’t return.

When you call on a restoration company to work on your home, they will first inspect your property and determine the source of the smell. Then they will develop a plan of action to address the odors and improve indoor air quality.