5 Reasons Why Eyelash Extensions Are Worth the Investment

Eyelash Extensions

Achieve a more beautiful look by using eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions can make your eyes look bolder and fluffier, enhancing the overall look of your face.

However, like any beauty treatment, they come with an initial investment and a certain amount of maintenance that can be costly. If you’re considering investing in eyelash extensions, here are some reasons that may assist you in making a decision:

They Are Long-Lasting

Eyelash extensions are incredibly durable and can last longer when correctly cared for. Like all other products or services you use on your body, they have a limited lifespan and eventually require replacement or refreshing.

To help extend the longevity of your lash extensions, avoid direct contact with water and other liquids for 24 hours after application and only use oil-free makeup remover and moisturizer on the area. Also, try not to sleep on your face or rub your eyes, as this will cause them to fall off prematurely and can even uproot your natural lashes.

A gentle cleanser is recommended; brush them with the little spoolie brush typically provided at your salon and apply a lash conditioning serum every few days to keep them healthy. It is also recommended to avoid retinol, acid-based treatments, or scrubs near the delicate eye area, as they can cause irritation and increase sensitivity.

They Are Natural

A quality set of eyelash extensions near me will look extremely natural. The reason for this is that they are frequently crafted using silk. Or mink fur (which may also be cruelty-free) rather than synthetic materials and aren’t overly thick. This makes them more subtle than cheap lashes that scream “synthetic” from a mile away.

To apply for your lash extensions, your technician will tape your lower lashes to your skin using surgical tape. She’ll then isolate each lash, typically with a tweezer, and adhere an artificial lash to the top of it.

To keep your lashes in tip-top shape, avoid oil-based products and heavy creams around the eyes and avoid rubbing your eyes or using a mechanical eyelash curler. You should also brush them daily with a spoolie and apply a conditioning serum. This will help prevent dryness and breakage. Choosing a stylist who is certified for the procedure and has cosmetology is essential. If you reside in a state, you will need a license where it’s required.

They Are Affordable

Eyelash extensions are an excellent investment for those who love how they look. They can make your eyes appear brighter and more prominent and can even reduce dark circles under the eyes. Plus, they cut down the time spent on applying and removing mascara.

The first step in getting eyelash extensions is finding a skilled technician you trust. Ensuring that individuals possess ample experience and appropriate certification from relevant authorities is crucial. The next step is evaluating your natural lashes. It’s essential to ensure your lashes are healthy and robust to support the weight of the extensions.

Once you’ve found a skilled technician, the process is enjoyable. You can lie in bed and close your eyes while calming music plays in the background. And most salons will let you nap during the process! The best part is once you have your lash extensions done, you can go about your day without worrying about crumbled or smeared makeup.

They Are Easy To Maintain

Eyelash extensions require little maintenance to keep them looking fresh. Brush them daily to avoid clumps and kinks, and keep an eyelash sealer handy to prevent moisture from seeping into the adhesive. 

The key to keeping your lashes healthy is to avoid oily cleansers, heavy creams, and mascara, all of which could break down the glue on the extensions. Use micellar water or a gentle makeup wipe instead.

Avoid getting your eyes wet for 48 hours after a new set, including showering (using a soft, low-pressure spray) or swimming. Also, steer clear of steamy environments such as saunas or hot yoga. Rubbing your eyes, particularly after sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, can cause premature lash breakage and irritation. And always remember to get your lash extensions done at a legitimate salon with high customer ratings and proper sanitation and disinfection protocols.