Check your vehicle’s condition before driving, keep your eyes on the road, and follow the
speed limit. Many programs named safe driver operations are introduced to check and
improve your car. They aim to improve your driving behaviour and reduce the number of
accidents due to a lack of awareness of driving. Safe Drive Dubai Monthly creates an awareness
program once a year to spread education about driving and vehicles.
Which Types Of Drivers Must Take Safe Driver Operation?
● Distracted driving
● Using cell phones while driving
● No use of seatbelt
● Following too closely
● Unfollow lane changes
● Aggressive driving
● Disobeying traffic rules
● Drugged driving
● Over speeding
Goals Of Safe Driver Operation
The safe drive operation program set their goals to help their seekers.
● Selecting or targeting those drivers whose behaviour is unsafe for their passengers.
● Spreading education and awareness, especially among youth, by arranging different
● It is designed to educate commercial motor vehicle drivers.
● Extra incentives for drivers who receive a clean inspection.
● Arranging safety meetings to focus on the topic of safe driving.
● Make strategies to fight high-risk
● Aim to improve the behaviour of all drivers
It is a little effort to spread awareness about safe driving, which is also necessary for
experienced and other drivers. Under the instructions of Safe Driver Monthly, their primary
concern is to educate themselves, update their vehicles, be aware of risk factors and be
focused on tackling any condition.
Guidance For 2 Types Of Driver
The Safe Driver Operation program offers materials and resources guidance to educate the
following drivers:
Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers – This program organises materials w to educate
commercial motor vehicle drivers about the risks and challenges they may face on
roadways, such as distracted driving, aggressive driving, passenger vehicle drivers cutting
off commercial motor vehicles, or drugged driving.
New or Inexperienced Drivers – Videos, audio, slides and printable flyers are designed to
teach newbie or inexperienced drivers how to take safety precautions between the roads
with large trucks and buses. These materials will be helpful to the drivers and all the people

who use these services, including youngsters, children, and students. All this information is
available on one platform.
Why is Safe Driver Operation Important?
According to the survey report, traffic collisions and injuries have declined compared to
previous years due to the safe driver operation program. In 2019 the death rate has gone up
to 21% and is higher than it’s been since 2007. Better training and education are required for
safe drivers. If you complete this safe driver operation program, your eligibility criteria and
skills increase and are directly proportional to your salary increment.
Sum up
Safe driver operation program increases awareness about driving and is very helpful for
maintaining a Safe Driving profile. To enhance their driving skills and maintain a
well-experienced and well-trained profile, all drivers must take this workshop on Safe driver
operation because everyone wants perfect and experienced ones who fight calmly with all
the circumstances related to this field.