Top Notch Plots Available in DHA Lahore


Dream Homes Marketing is your trusted real estate marketing expert bringing you lucrative investment options and giving your real estate projects the digital boost that they require. True to our name, we aim at providing for you the living experience concurrent with your ideal imagination. With an extensive twenty years’ experience in the field, DHM caters to your budget and vision to create highly productive investment plans that garner profitable returns both in short and long terms. DHM is committed to serving your interests by using resources that bring the highest return both efficiently and cost effectively. We are devoted to keeping you updated with the latest local market opportunities and rising real estate trends discerned by our real estate veterans. DHM’s ever-expanding list of satisfied clients is a testimony to its pledge to providing the most lucrative services in the real estate industry.

What We Do

Dream Homes Marketing fuses into your real estate projects the holistic means of contemporary marketing that propel your development plans as remarkably desirable investment opportunities for clients and customers. While our creative team emphatically promotes your real estate schemes and plots in DHA Lahore with compellingly innovative ideas, our digital media marketing team brings vibrancy to your land in the cyberworld through engaging advertisements on various social media platforms. Simultaneously, our web engineering team designs your websites in the most user-friendly modules to boost productivity and customer-engagement. Along with this, DHM enlivens your estate through events and festivities that stimulate customers to foster interest in your projects.

How We Are Taking on the Real Estate Market

With 20 years in experience, Dream Homes Marketing has a keen eye for the up-and-coming real estate development projects with the most promising returns on investment. Our sales and business development team does its due diligence for you; beginning with the vetting of the property before any project recruitment. Once recruited, then be it on-ground neighbourhood surveys or market compatibility and competition, we handle the legwork in order to make your project ace the market trend. Not only the groundwork, but our expertise is the digital marketing field is also what makes us your most profitable choice. Our Sales and Business Development team effectively manages your clientele with efficient in-bound/out-bound communication management that garners a profound sense of trust with the customers. Our digital marketing team’s unique advertisement content, the web engineering team’s innovative website designs in addition to our creative team’s ingenious storytelling through graphic designing and videography; among other means, makes DHM an emblem of innovation and originality in the longstanding business of real estate management and marketing.

Our Projects

Over the past 20 years, Dream Homes Marketing has promoted various diverse real estate projects from vast residential communities and apartment homes to commercial markets and monolithic plazas. Currently, with our eight on-site offices operating in multiple cities of Pakistan, from Lahore to Kharian, we at DHM are providing thoroughly holistic marketing services along with highly lucrative investment plans to bolster your real estate projects. The New Metro City Kharian, Central Park Housing Scheme, Barki Gated Residential Community along with DHA Lahore Phase 8, Citi Housing II Faisalabad among other renowned names are presently being marketed by our team of professionals both through on-ground and online means.

Recently we hosted the Dream Homes Expo 2022; a large-scale event which served not only to promote the various real estate developers associated with DHM but also provided means to counsel investors and general public on sustainable and lucrative real estate investment opportunities and latest market trends in the field. This Expo comes after a series of successfully hosted events by DHM including the inauguration of the Grand City Kharian Golf Course and the Royal Fest 2021 among others. The 2021 Royal Fest also celebrated the highly productive marketing collaboration with Royal Residencia resulting in 95 percent of our inventory being sold.

Our Achievements

Dream Homes Marketing is proud to claim more than 20 years of experience in the DHA market with specialization in DHA commercial and residential properties. Currently, we have two company-owned offices at prime locations of DHA; 4-MB DHA Phase 6 and 248-C Phase 8 Broadway Commercial DHA. One of the company’s noticeable accomplishments is having sold up to 40% Fairways Commercial plazas of RDGCC. We have, over the several years of our service build an extensive expertise in projects sale and marketing of housing societies, apartments towers, commercial buildings and farmhouses. Along with this, we have successfully hosted the Barki Gated Residential Community Inauguration, and the J Block Central Park Unveiling with particularly engaging inaugural events appealing to a wide range of customers and investors.

Dream Homes Marketing is your one-stop real estate marketing solution catering to the contemporary marketing demands of real estate developers and purveying for its clients, productive real estate investments and aspirational lifestyles among the echelons of society.