Shopify New Features To Lookout for in 2023

Shopify New Features

With more than 600,00 merchants and more than $2 billion in annual sales,  Shopify is undoubtedly the most popular ecommerce platform worldwide.  This platform has more to provide to ecommerce businesses. Do you have an online store? Then, you can expect continued growth as Shopify is a major player in the ecommerce market. 

Every year they give exciting stuff to their retailers in the form of updates and features such as Santa Claus.  Again, Shopify is all set to offer the best Shopify features this 2023 which deserves a place in every Shopify business owner. Let’s have a look at them. 

1. Shopify Marketing Pro

A huge issue for Shopify investors is its growth rate. Shopify sales totaled $1.4 billion in September. This number increased at a  modest rate of 22% in a month.  46%.

This company is continually trying to expand services &   offerings. With the help of Shopify plus agency , retailers are building and developing businesses in a matter of minutes. That unlocks much growth potential. It’s recently launched Shopify Markets Pro, allowing retailers to expand to 150 countries without any issues. 

Also, Shopify Markets enabled retailers to reach 14 countries on average. This company’s Adapt & Translate feature makes sure consumers have a localized experience. So, retailers do not need to think about translating content. With these initiatives, Shopify retailers could do business over the platform and can also reach many consumers.  

2. Shop Cash

Shopify’s featuring a popular checkout now that can make your business more effective this year. Shopify offers buyers several dollars through the Shop Cash bonuses for ShopPay transactions. 

Retailers could use Shop Cash to provide incentives. That entices new customers who have the Shop app already on their phones.

3. Twitter Shopping 

Social media shopping turned out to be beneficial for Shopify retailers. Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok offered integration with Shopify in recent years. That made it simple for retailers who keep tweeting. So, they can use the full purpose of Twitter Shopping. Businesses can easily sell their products through Twitter profiles. 

4. Linkpop 

Linkpop is another effective free link-in bio tool that’s epically made for commerce retailers by Shopify secure checkout. By using a shoppable link people can convert twice. They can curate everything that you are making online as playlists, blogs,  websites, and much more even via social media bio. Have issues in curing content for business, reach out to a Shopify agency now. 

5. Dovetale 

Influencers are playing a big part to support sales and ensure brand growth. These people help in thriving sales and reach that makes them energy with potential audiences. Shopify’s Dovetail is the all-in-one creator management tool that supports brands in finding new creators. That helps in handling relationships,  building authentic communities, and tracking affiliate sales.

6. Less Balance Alert

Shopify launched a brand new feature in which new mes retailers handle a minimum in the account.  These features can alert retailers if the account balance falls off the preset value. 

7. Billings with local currency

After pleasing the US audience, Shopify announced a huge surprise for merchants in India. Shopify launched new INR billing. Where Indian retailers could pay subscription bills in Indian rupees. Now, it’s simple for retailers to operate local currency. That saves the currency exchange taxes from card or bank services. 

8. Marketplace Kit 

Now retailers could easily develop multiple shopping experiences on any platform by using Shopify’s flexible APIs. Through Shopify’s Marketplace Kit, retailers can connect the platform to several businesses and sellers. They bring personalized shopping experiences for every brand & business.  It’s banked by popular international platforms like Spotify, TikTok, and Twitter. 

9. Shopify Protect

In 2022,  Shopify started an enhancement of payment security through Shopify. That can be the main feature in 2023 of Shopify with the feature”Shopify Protect”. This aspect is committed to protecting from fraud through Shop Pay. Through this feature, businesses could simply cover fraud costs that include the cost of the order along with the chargeback fee.

10. Navigation tool

Shopify offered a Circle menu which is the newest tool. This new feature enables retailers to come up with products in similar designs as Instagram stories. You could display many more collections. So, more consumers could browse through the store quickly. 

11. B2B features

Finally, businesses got what they deserve from Shopify. Shopify introduced a wide array of B2B features for the business. This evolving boom made retailers make business-to-business deals over similar platforms where they make sales. 

12. Live Shopping features

Shopify made new friends with Youtube to make merchants and creature feature products within the content or channel. Any creature could link the Shopify suite to the channel within a few steps. 


Other than the new features there are several reasons to look out for Shopify in 2023.  This year’s sell-off looks quite drastic. As every company points out more to bring down costs and initiates new trends with time. Shopify can make retailers grow nationally or internationally with its effective features. 

There can be a recession in 2023 or any further years, it can be quite a big one. If there is a hint of recovery globally, Shopify can be bought quickly again.