Rbl Bank Credit Card Customer Care: Get Expert Help For Problems

Known as The Ratnakar Bank Limited, RBL Bank was founded in 1943 to serve small and medium businesses in Maharashtra’s Sangli-Kohlapur region. India’s oldest private sector bank. Agri and Development Banking, Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Corporate & Institutional Banking, and Financial Markets are all areas where it provides banking solutions. Across 13 states and territories, it has over 190 branches.

A high level of customer service is the goal of RBL’s customer service department. You can contact RBL’s customer service department with any questions, whether it be about SME loans, insurance products offered by RBL, account information, or details regarding your fixed deposit. They resolve all your queries to your satisfaction by calling the RBL customer service department.

India’s private banks are growing rapidly, including RBL Bank. In 20 states and union territories, it has 342 branches and 488 ATMs. In addition to fixed deposits and savings accounts, RBL Bank offers loans, insurance, and other investment services. In order to provide its customers with the highest customer service standards, RBL Bank has established a highly-efficient customer support team that is available round-the-clock.

Feedback From Rbl Bank Credit Card Customer Service

If you would like to express your appreciation for an employee or department at RBL, or if you would like to comment on a particular RBL banking process or initiative, you can visit the RBL website and fill in the Customer Suggestion and Complaints form. You need to submit this form online on the website.

RBL Bank provides various banking services and products, including savings accounts, fixed deposits, loans, credit cards, etc. You can get instant answers to your questions by contacting RBL’s customer service team. RBL Bank customers can contact their RBL credit card customer care representatives by calling the numbers listed below if they have queries or complaints. 

Postal Address

Additionally, customers can write to the customer support team at RBL Bank if they have any complaints. To receive a response, you should include the full details of your query and the account number of the savings account, loan account, or any other product details. 

Rbl Bank Credit Card Customer Care

Call 022-71190900 for customer service. Use the Interactive Voice Response to dial the number and press the required numbers. You will need to share the required details when prompted to cancel your credit card.

Branch Visit

Customers must write a letter requesting the cancellation of their credit card before visiting a branch. Additionally, identity proof will be required to complete the cancellation process.

Email Address

Customers can also write an email to the RBL credit card customer care department for a quick resolution. For SuperCards, you can send an email to supercardservice@rblbank.com, or for other cards; you can send an email to cardservices@rblbank.com. Make sure the card number, expiration date, and name are included.

The cancellation of a credit card with RBL Bank is requested online. It is crucial to ensure that the email includes all the relevant information about the issue and the product purchased. Listed below are some more email addresses:

Banking Queriescustomercare@rblbank.com
Agri-Business Queriesagribusiness@rblbank.com
Credit Card Queriescardservices@rblbank.com
Rural Banking Queriesruralbanking@rblbank.com

Grievance Redressal Information

First Level

Send an email or write a letter to the customer care department if you plan on filing a complaint or raising a query. You must keep the reference ID for further escalation if this is the level at which you escalate the issue.

Second Level

In the event that the issue doesn’t get resolved at Level 1, you can further escalate it to the Regional Nodal Officer of the Bank, who will respond within ten business days.

Third Level

It is possible to escalate the issue to the Principal Nodal Officer of the Bank at the final level.

Here is a list of the best practices:


  • Make sure you read your transaction SMS, notifications, and descriptions carefully
  • Beware if someone calls you offering a cashback or a lucrative offer


  • Don’t share any OTP or PIN with strangers.
  • Do not share confidential information on public forums or with anyone else
  • Don’t click on links from unknown senders that ask for verification or personal information
  • If callers recommend an external app, don’t download it
  • Don’t receive money from strangers through UPI or other payment platforms without entering a PIN
  • Contacting random numbers posted online is not a good idea. Reach out to the customer care team using the official email address provided on the website.