Prashar Lake Trek: Trekking Adventure

Prashar Lake Trek

Himachal is known for its beauty, high snow-clad mountains and green plains. There are many similar lakes here that do not want to attract the attention of tourists. Infamous lakes that are surrounded by beautiful mountains on all sides. Yes, we are definitely talking about Prashar Lake Trek. The beautiful view here and the island in the middle of the lake really makes it more beautiful. This lake is very deep and until now no one has been able to measure the depth of this lake. Mostly it is frozen due to the snow and the water also looks very clear like white crystals. This island sometimes floats here and there in this lake. In fact, after the modern era, it is simply a surprise.


This place is also called Tapostali by Rishi Parashari and therefore it was called Prashar Lake. Sage Parashara was the son of Manushakti and the grandson of Sage Vashistha. here on the sankranti of the month of Ashadhi and on the fifth day of Bhadon Krishna Paksha, which is attended by many devotees from far and wide. This fair is organized to celebrate the birthday of Rishi Parashar. A three-story pagoda-style temple was also built near this annual lake.

Best to Visit

Winters (December-February) is a good time to visit if you want to enjoy the snow. In winter, this place almost freezes under a thick layer of snow in the middle of the blanket. last week of December to mid-March. Summers (mid-April to May) are a bountiful and beautiful time to visit. You should avoid traveling to this area during monsoon. Trekking to Prashar Lake is quite easy during summer season but the level of difficulty increases here during winter and monsoon season.


Prasari Lake is located 5 km north of Mandi and can be reached by buses or private taxis.

● Air:

If you want to travel to Prashar Lake by air, Bhuntari is the nearest airport for this trip.

● By Train:

The nearest broad gauge railhead from the city to Mandi is Pathankot (210 km) which is connected to Joginder Nagar railhead. Joginder Nagar Railway Station is 55 km from Mandi. 

● By Road:

Nearest Railway to Prashar Lake is Chandigarh. The bus journey from Chandigarh to Mandi takes around 6-7 hours. From there, hire jeep to Baggi village. Except for the stretch between Chandigarh and Bilaspur, the road to Manali is quite flat.

Availability of Essential Supplies

Availability of water: Carry full drinking water with you when travelling. However, you can fill your water tank with running water during the hike.

● Availability of food : Remember that there is no place to eat during the journey. When traveling, you should always bring your own food.

● Accommodation : Prasari Lake does not provide suitable accommodation for pedestrians. Most hikers carry sleeping bags, tents and canopies.

Near Prashar Lake

Bhootnath Temple:

Bhootnath Temple is a prominent religious site in Mandi with a spirituality dating back to the 1520s. It is located in the center of Mandi city and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Shiva Ratri festival is celebrated in March with great pomp. It is the most important festival of this city and temple.

Rewalsar Lake :

Rewalsar Lake is the main lake of Mandi, also known as Tso Pema Lotus Lake. This lake is located on a medium height hill in Mandi district, about 23 km south of Mandi district.

Barot :

Barot is a village located in the peaceful valleys of Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh. It is a new tourist destination and is approximately 67 kilometers from Mandi.

Janjehli :

Janjhali is an ideal place for activities and fitness like trekking and camping. This place is approximately 67 km from Mandi and the length of the track is up to 3300 meters.

Kamlah Fort:

Kamlah Fort is located in Sikandar Dhar district which is about 80 km from Mandi city. This fort was built in 1625 by Raja Suraj Sen and is located at an altitude of 772 meters.


Trekking and camping near Prashar Lake Trek is very popular among tourists. You can rest your head in the lap of nature by setting up camp by the lake. Trekking and camping near Prashar Lake can make your trip memorable. We tell you that Prasari Lake is the great jewel of Himachal Pradesh and it never disappoints the tourists.