How to Write Plagiarism Free Academic Assignments?

Writing an essay or any other assignment without copying from others is quite a daunting task for students. This is because they have to go through various links and sources, do a huge amount of research, and read plenty of articles and taking references from these pre-written pieces is common. But this is also true that one must submit their authentic paper without copying from any other author. Your assignment work should be original from high school, college or university. Avoiding plagiarism can be challenging when your topic is science or maths.

Moreover, writing a piece in your own expression isn’t easy. Not every student can express their thoughts immediately. Your professors will always appreciate your assignment if it is authentic and free of plagiarism. And that’s why students trust professional finance assignment help from experts who can always offer the best plagiarism-free assignments. 

Why is plagiarism detection essential?

Students copy for various reasons, but no reason can justify their answers. For example, why a writer might copy is different from the reason a student does. 

Most frequently, students don’t understand plagiarism and how they commit it. So, first, you should understand what plagiarism is for your assignment writing. 

There are two types of plagiarism issues: one is done intentionally, and another is done unintentionally. But both are harmful to your grades. 

Educators and professors are knowledgeable enough to catch your plagiarised content. Obviously, they are well aware of students’ writing capability, style and tone.

And if something the student quotes from the other writer’s writing piece, they will easily catch it. 

Many schools and college teachers use plagiarism checkers online, and the admission board also uses such plagiarism checking tools to detect copied content. 

Students can face serious to mild plagiarism punishment at school, college and universities.

 You might wonder why colleges and other organisations possess such severe punishment even when it is unintentional. 

Here is the reason for being serious about plagiarism checking rules: 


Perhaps you have not copied from others carefully, but when it is done intentionally, then it is proved that the student is not honest or irresponsible. 

Harmful for the author: 

Suppose you have written a paper after rigorous research, study, and fieldwork and edited it. You have been given weeks and months to publish the copy. And somebody has copied lines from your paper without any acknowledgement- would you approve it? That’s how plagiarism affects. Even if you take some quotes or lines, you should mention the source. 

Hampers your learning:

If you steal or copy ideas or lines or reports from others, your own creativity will not be seen by the instructor, and you will not learn anything. 

Right ways to write plagiarism free assignments: 

If you make sure that you have produced a plagiarism free paper, follow these rules and remember them while writing:

Write down your thoughts:

The foremost authentic idea to avoid plagiarism is to write from scratch. While writing an assignment, try to be elaborated and pen down your ideas to provide better images. You will read a lot of papers, contents and reference books.

Here you have to be honest and use simple words to make it comprehended by readers. There is no better way to make your paper plagiarism free than to include your own thoughts in your own words. 


Most of the time, students don’t get enough time to make their assignment writing appealing and great. Paraphrasing is the second way to get rid of plagiarised content. Students can practice this technique by changing the sentence structure to avoid plagiarism.

Undoubtedly it is a great technique while writings science, language, chemistry, physics, biology, math and statistics where it is difficult to change formulas or definitions.

Here are some tricks while paraphrasing:

  • Using synonyms and antonyms
  • Using different tones and style of writing 
  • Using inverted commas
  • Students should always mention the quotes within quotation marks, and By doing so, you can produce a plagiarism free paper. 

Mention the source:

Proper referencing means you must cite every source, link, material, book and author name. This is called referencing. There are 100+ types of referencing in literature. Each college demands a unique style of referencing style, and students must follow it. Proper referencing will save you from plagiarism. The information extracted from various sources should be cited according to the paper. 

Plagiarism detectors:

Now, there are thousands of plagiarism tools available online for students and professional writers. You can use these tools for free. It will help you in the production of plagiarism free assignments, which ensures an A+ on any paper. 

Edit and proofread: 

Before submission and after writing the first draft of your assignment, make sure you do the editing and proofreading part. This way, one can make the essential correction and eliminate all the grammatical mistakes. Moreover, there are various tools available which detect the source of the citation. Editing and proofreading are two useful techniques in assignment writing that help you to produce zero plagiarism. 

How to use a free plagiarism checker in simple steps:

Step 1: Click on upload and upload your paper:

The first step is to upload your paper to the site. Some plagiarism software accepts only some kind of file extension like .doc, .pdf etc. Some plagiarism detectors only detect essays and short pieces and limit the word count. 

Step 2: Check for plagiarism:

When you see there is a restriction while plagiarism checking, divide your lengthy paper into multiple pieces and then check the plagiarism. The plagiarism tool will compare your paper to millions of sources features in the checking database. 

Step 3: Correct your plagiarised content:

If it finds any percentage of plagiarism, you will get a report of 2% or 3% plagiarism highlighted with red marks. Now, you should edit your paper and eliminate all the plagiarised lines or quotes from your assignment. 

While using free plagiarism checking tool, it is important to choose a reliable plagiarism checking tool. Being accused of being irresponsible or copying from others is shameful, especially when it is not your intention.


Plagiarism is unethical for students, writers, authors and researchers. It kills the authenticity of the essay writer. It also defines the credibility of a writer, and if students get caught plagiarised content, they can be suspended from the institution. The paper could be cancelled, and get failed their exams. It will ruin their entire academic year.