Handicraft Items: The Art Of Rajasthan

Handicraft Items

The Handicraft items of Rajasthan have a very special place in the history of Handicraft in India. The history of the Handicrafts Industry is very long and there have been so many handicraft items produced but the handicraft items of Rajasthan are something that cannot be neglected. So to begin with, we first need to understand what Handicrafts actually are. Handicrafts are handmade items that are made completely by hand and that depict some art form. Now the handicraft industry in India has a 5000-year-long history. The handicrafts were at boom before the British regime in India. India was known as the Golden Bird because there was a large amount of export and handicraft items were a big part of that. 

Handicraft items: Details

There are so many handicraft items produced in different parts of the country then why do Rajasthani Handicrafts are in so much demand? Have you ever thought of this question? The Handicraft items of Rajasthan are something very attached to the culture of its origin. Rajasthan is a very beautiful state full of tradition, values, and culture. And thus these all add up and get added to the Handicraft items. There are so many in-house industries in Rajasthan that produce a wide range of handmade items. While in other states, you will find a particular item that is famous all around the state.

In Rajasthan, nothing is famous as there are so many unique Handicraft items that no one can make any particular item more special. If you get a chance to visit Rajasthan you will find beautiful Handicraft items like Leather Articles, Wooden Decoratives, Wooden Furniture, Blue Pottery, Bandhani Sarees, Block Printed Garments, Metal Artifacts, and other unique Table and wall decoratives. The list is very huge that can not be just written here. 

History of Handicraft Items

Handicraft items are art of Rajasthan and this art has been passed on from generation to generation. For the past 5000 years, Handicraft items are representing India in terms of Home Decorative accessories. And besides home decorative items there are so many things included in the list. 

Before the British regime, India was the biggest exporter of Handicraft items. But with the British period came an end to this beautiful industry. Since the British products were machine-made and their import was duty-free in India they out-excelled the handmade Indian Handicrafts. The handicraft items were handmade and thus were expensive also on the export of Indian handicrafts heavy duty was being exposed thus failing the Handmade crafts in front of British products. 

Rajasthani Handicrafts

Initially, the Handicraft items were used by huge kings for decorating their palaces, still, if you visit some forts in Rajasthan you see some masterpieces of that time. Those who visited India were very fond of these art pieces and this is how handicrafts contributed a lot to the exports at that time also. 

The civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa were famous because of the Handicraft items. Many kings of different continents visited India just for its Handicrafts. There were many handmade items produced at that time which were really very unique. The artisans of that time continued this art form by passing their art to their following generation and this is how this art remained at the top for the past so many years and will remain at the top in the future. 

Here are some Handicraft items produced and flourished in Rajasthan: 

Blue Pottery

The art of Jaipur, Blue pottery is a beautiful art that involves a blue-white color painting on pottery items. The artisans produce various utensils using clay, which is then Hand-painted and decorated by creating beautiful floral designs on the top. If you plan to decorate your home with something unique, you should go with blue pottery articles. 

Wooden Furniture

Udaipur, also known as the city of lakes is ideal for wood articles. Here you will find various types of furniture like Teakwood Furniture, Sheesham wood Furniture, Mango Wood Furniture, Pine Wood Furniture, and more. Teakwood is the best wood you can use for furniture purposes. You can search even on the internet about Wooden Furniture Manufacturers in Udaipur.

Leather Items

Again for leather items, Udaipur is a perfect place where you will find a variety of Leather articles like leather jackets, leather belts, journals, bags, and more. There’s a place named Jagdish Chowk where you can find exciting things made of pure Buffalo leather. 

Metal Articles

Jaipur and Jodhpur are ideal for metal decorative pieces. You must experience these beautiful wall and table decorative items. You’ll be amazed by seeing how such artifacts can be produced entirely by hand. Not even a single machine is used in manufacturing these unique articles. 

Marble Decoratives

Rajasthan has excelled in manufacturing distinctive marble artifacts. You will see Marble Statues, gift articles, flower vases, lanterns, and a lot more things produced in Rajasthan made of pure marble. Again these artifacts are made by the hands of expert artisans. There are so many more on the list, as told earlier it is not possible to describe all the Rajasthani Handicrafts. Since these handicraft items are so unique, they are known as the art of Rajasthan.
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