Celebrating International Youth Day: Empowering Global Youth

International Youth Day

As a youth, it is a must to start getting used to interact with society. However, despite their highly valued and respected position, many young people remain indifferent to various social issues, particularly those related to environmental health. This situation has brought a lot of attention from around the world, especially from older people with a lot of life experiences. The youths need to be given direction about the importance of their role in society as very potential and high-qualified resources for their nation and the world. The big question is: what kind of role do youth play in society to affect environmental changes and create a better future for the next generation? Let’s break it down!

Youth around the world have their own annual commemoration day. It is the International Youth Day which was designated by the United Nations and commemorated every August 12. This annual event aims to encourage youth around the world to raise awareness about the situation and problems of youth in their respective countries. In addition, this specific day also aims to ignite passion within youth to address youth-related problems in order to achieve a nation’s goals. The International Youth Day targets all individuals that are within the age range of 18-35 years old internationally. Therefore, every youth all around the world is able to participate in youth activities in their respective countries and feel the joy of commemoration on their annual day. Each year, International Youth Day adopts a theme. For this year’s theme, Slot Gacor Maxwin, focuses on environmental changes and climate issues. Through this theme, the United Nations hopes to create better environmental and climate changes for future youth as well as the next generation of the nation.

In a world filled with complex social issues, the urgency of addressing environmental concerns in urban areas has reached a critical point. It is important for youth to direct their attention to these environmental problems. This can be achieved by introducing some skills called Green Skills. Green skills are the knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes needed to live in, develop, and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society. These skills are considered indispensable today. In addition, Green Skills also contribute to two United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are Sustainable Development Goal 9 (industry, innovation and infrastructure) and Sustainable Development Goal 12 (responsible consumption and production). Both goals will be gently achieved with learning and applying the Green Skills by the world’s citizens, especially youth, particularly as they are the  largest population group in the world capable of giving promising change. These skills will lead to a greener world, both economically and ecologically, and require every person to do innovative thinking to ensure environmentally friendly practices. With Green Skills, the environment will change for the better and the lives of future generations will be greatly improved.

There are a lot of things that youth can do on International Youth Day related to Green Skills. However, before doing that, youth is required to understand the basics of these skills to enable them to carry out activities that are beneficial and have positive impacts on society. Moreover, the activities that have been carried out are fully expected to be sustainable activity so that the impacts given also have new better changes to the environment and climate. The activities that can be organized on International Youth Day related to green skills are as follows:

  • Conduct virtual youth meetings to discuss country issues that impact the environment and climate. At these meetings, youth can invite older people to share insights and knowledge about what the problems are so that a better solution can be found
  • Conduct community clean-up in order to raise awareness about the importance of a clean environment. This activity can be participated by youth and also older people
  • Conduct a training about zero waste habit between youth and the informant to discuss its effect on climate and environmental changes
  • Organize upcycling activity in order to reduce wastes so that the environment can be healthier

With the activities mentioned before, hopefully youth can bring out better environmental and climate changes. Not just the aforementioned activities, these suggestions can also be changed and adapted to the circumstances of each country. Through these activities, youth around the world is encouraged to understand the importance of protecting the climate and preserving the environment, applying green skills in daily life, and spreading positive knowledge about green skills and how to apply them in daily life to the wider community, especially youth. All the long-term hopes mentioned will only be achieved if today’s youth are fully determined to support and realize the goals of this International Youth Day with the theme Green Skills for Youth: Towards a Sustainable World on August 12, 2023. CIMSA UPH