Best Dubai Desert Safari Locations

Present principally on the city’s edges, Dubai’s brilliant sands offer the ideal experience for a desert safari. Driving to these destinations is the last thing you should consider with the tickets that incorporate the bring moves back. Let us look at the rundown of the most noticeable spots in Dubai, which will lift your desert safari insight.

1. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert safari Conservation Reserve is the primary public park in UAE, framing around 5% of the emirate of Dubai. It is a safeguarded biological system for the wild of Dubai’s desert. It is unmistakable for its conservation projects that protect the desert’s imperiled types of fauna and greenery.

It attempts to keep up with and preserve the environment of the desert, drawing in travelers with different exercises it has in its contributions. 

2. Al Awir Desert

This desert is situated around 35 km from the downtown area of Dubai. It is known fundamentally for being the center for agribusiness and camel reproduction. Al Awir Desert is the primary area for quad trekking and hill slamming.

It generally draws in a few travelers to encounter the one-of-a-kind assortment of exercises that it offers, including experience sports and desert safari. It is considered the most well-known area for the desert safari in Dubai, and it has a ton of footfalls here, particularly during the end of the week.

3. Bilayer

The Bidayer is a sand rise extending across the desert and is ideally suited for making a road trip. It is known as the ‘Enormous Red’ because of its earthenware red tone, making it simple to detect against the changing shade of the sand on a yellow-tinted scene, particularly during nights.

4. Liwa Desert

It is situated close to the Rub Al Khalu, the Liwa Desert, which is viewed as the “Vacant Quarter,” a gigantic desert safari region known for its higher hills and climate limits. The most elevated sand ridges in all aspects of UAE are viewed here, with a few activities and investigations.

5. Al Lahbab Desert

It is situated at around 50 km on the edges of Dubai City, and this is the ideal choice for sandboarding or rise slamming alongside getting a charge out of BBQ supper. The magnificent and enchanting red desert will be a memory for a lifetime as it offers unmatched perspectives on different spots in the UAE.