9 Best MS Universities In Australia To Enrol In 2023- A Complete Guide

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Most international students aspire to acquire a Master of Science (MS) degree from a renowned university that can fulfil their professional and personal needs and objectives. However, overseas education can be quite expensive these days. It is becoming increasingly challenging for most international students to cope with increasing tuition costs and living expenditures. Australia is the perfect country that addresses all these pressing issues and more. You can also get assignment writing service by top assignment writers.

Home to more than 700,000 international students and 40 renowned universities, Australia is climbing the ladder of the most preferred study-abroad destinations after the US and UK. As per Statista.com, approximately 52.05 thousand Indian students enrolled in Australia’s higher education sector in June 2021. Again, with 22,000 courses to choose from, there is a clear advantage of recognising the potential of pursuing an MS in Australia.

What’s more, most of the best universities offering MS courses in Australia also provide high teaching standards and excellent financial aid. The country also offers countless scholarships for international students, brilliant living conditions and diverse society. These crucial aspects create an exceptional environment for those pursuing MS in the country.

If you wish to secure admission to universities in Australia that offer one-of-a-kind chances, then this comprehensive post is meant for you! Here, we will walk you through the best universities in Australia offering remarkable MS degree courses that will enable you to fuel your academic endeavours in the best possible ways.

Let’s dive right in!

List Of Top MS Colleges In Australia

The University of Melbourne

Among the highly esteemed universities in Australia for MS, the University of Melbourne is an exceptional university to pursue Masters in distinct areas. It ranks at No.33 globally as per the Times Higher Education and ranks No. 3 among universities in Australia.

The university provides countless programs under a Master’s course for 2 years. When you pursue a master’s at the University of Melbourne, you will be able to gain the much-needed skills for the professional world ahead. The Master’s course will also offer foundational business training in engineering or organisational management.

Established  1853
Courses Offered  Master of Management Master of Public Administration Master of Information Systems Master of Business Analytics Master of Global Media Communication Master of Commercial Law
QS University Ranking 2023  33
Duration  1-2 years
Annual Tuition Fees  AUD 80,000 (INR 43,77,552)

Monash University

Monash University, situated in Melbourne, is considered one of Australia’s eight high research institutions. As per the Times Higher Education, the university is ranked 91 globally. Hence, many international students are found to apply here, and over 21,000 graduates get accepted each year. It has also been observed that around 90% of students at the university easily find lucrative opportunities within 6 months of completing their studies. The highest-rated MS course here is in Information Technology.

Founded  1958
QS University Ranking 2023  57
Courses Offered  Master of Professional Accounting Master of Applied Economics and Econometrics Master of International Business Master in Advanced Finance Master of Business  
Duration  1-2
Annual Tuition Fees    AUD 40,000 (INR 21,44,276)

Australian National University (ANU)

The Australian National University ranks 20th in the world. The university is situated in Canberra, Australia’s capital and is undeniably one of the best universities for pursuing MS.

ANU also ranks at the top for student employability. Its remarkable alumni incorporate 2 Prime Ministers and 6 Nobel Prize winners. The most popular course in this university is the Master of Computing.

Established  1946
QS University Ranking 2023  30
Courses Offered  Master of Project Management Master of Public Administration Master of Applied Data Analytics Master of Science Communication
Duration  1-2 years
Annual Tuition Costs  AUD 30,000 (INR 16,08, 207)

The University of Sydney

A close look at reputed java assignment help forums will help you understand that the University of Sydney was founded in 1850. It is one of the oldest universities in the country and now hosts around 60,000 students every semester. Students can also customise their degrees as per the requirements among 450 courses.

Further, students can explore flexible study choices to have better control over the schedule, ranging from short and online courses to offshore study and evening sessions.

  Type  Public
  Established  1850
  QS University Ranking 2023  41
      Courses Offered  Master of Human Resource Master of Marine Science and Management Master of Professional Accounting Master of Data Science Master of Strategic Public Relations Master of Human Resource
  Duration  1-2 years
  Annual Tuition Cost  AUD 54,000 (INR 28,94,773)

University of Queensland

The motto of Queensland University is ‘by means of knowledge and hard work’ has led it to secure its 48th position in the world. Hosting about 40,000 students from around the world, this esteemed university has the greatest number of PhD scholars. The university also has remarkable tie-ups with the best companies on a global level, thereby providing students with remarkable exposure to practical learning.

Founded  1967
QS University Ranking 2023  50
Courses Offered  Master of Sustainable Energy   Master of Tourism, Hotel, and Event Management Master of Commerce Applied Finance Master of Business Marketing Master of Business Human Resource Management  
Duration  1-2
Annual Tuition Costs  AUD 37308.62 (INR 20,00,000)

The University of Adelaide

Founded in the year 1874, the University of Adelaide is the 3rd oldest university in Australia. It’s also a remarkable member of the ‘Group of Eight’ research-intensive universities of Australia. The university is in the top 1% of universities around the world. One can choose among the innumerable programs it offers. All of their courses can enable students to develop crucial skills and qualities of leadership.

QS University Ranking 2023  109
Courses Offered  Master of Advanced Economics Master in Civil and Structural Engineering
Duration  1-2 years
Annual Tuition Costs  AUD 50,00 (INR 26,80,345)

Queensland University of Technology

Situated in Brisbane, the Queensland University of Technology is an eminent public research university. As per the Times Higher Education, the institute has a place in the top 10 universities in Australia. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more than 43,000 students enrolled in this university in 2015. Among them, more than 12,000 were postgraduate students. Also, the most popular course at the Queensland University of Technology in Information Technology.

Founded  1989
QS University Ranking 2023  222
Courses Offered  Master of Information Technology
Duration  1-2
Annual Tuition Costs  AUD  33577.76 (INR 18,00,000)

The University of Western Australia

A public research university in Perth, the University of Western Australia is a member of the ‘Group of Eight’ universities. It boasts of recognised academic staff, two of whom are Nobel Laureates and state-of-the-art facilities. This makes this university one of the best MS universities in Australia. The most popular course here is MS in Oil & Gas Engineering.

Founded  1911
QS University Ranking 2023  90
Courses Offered    Master of Economics Masters of Oil & Gas Engineering
Duration  1-2
Annual Tuition Costs  AUD 42904.92 (INR 23,00,000)

University of South Australia

The UniSA or the University of South Australia is a renowned public research university. The main campus of the university is in Adelaide. It is ranked No.38 globally among the top 50 universities under 50 years. It has also been seen that 9 out of 10 UniSA graduates found employment in only four months of completing their degree. This makes it one of the top MS universities in Australia. Furthermore, the most popular course at the University of South Australia is MS in Electrical Engineering.

  Type  Public
  Founded  1991
  QS University Ranking 2023  363
  Courses Offered  MS In Electrical Engineering
  Duration  2 years
  Annual Tuition Costs  35,000-50,500 AUD (INR 18-26.90 lakhs)

It’s A Wrap!

Well, that’s all for today, peeps! With its brilliant teaching, excellent research facilities, and remarkable student-friendly culture, Australia is a centre for Master of Science education. Although the country only has 43 universities, 8 are among the top 100 universities globally, and 32 come in the top 500. If you desire to add accolades to your career, you can join any of these top universities for a Master’s. Good Luck!

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