30 Wall Décor Above Couch Ideas that are Truly Transformative

30 Best Decoration Ideas Above The Sofa For 2021

For example, if you typically push curtains aside during the day, consider tying them back or picking up a few curtain hooks to secure them. Our signature, sparkling mirror collection is back in a new, larger size. Handmade and featuring a range of golden hues and a rainbow of shiny, oil slick colors, this embossed mosaic glass framed wall mirror makes f … The wonders 30 Best Decoration Ideas Above The Sofa For 2021 of Contemporary Decorative Arts are captured with extreme artisanal skill in DecorShore’s newest addition to our luxury lineup of designer wall mirrors. Transform the hallways of your home with an assortment of textures and dazzling reflections for an impressive boho design. Bordered by a natural wood frame and beautiful wicker caning, our wall mirror is a must-have …

  • Rustic barn doors have become popular recently and we’ve got the plans to create your own rustic barn door.
  • The living room sofa is by Joseph Jeup, and the pair of armchairs are by B&B Italia.
  • Woven baskets can also add a nice bit of natural texture to your room.
  • The upper shelf makes excellent use of otherwise unused space, incorporating vintage pieces like glass jars and books.
  • This round-up of TV wall decor ideas includes plenty of built-ins, but we particularly love how this one by @omni_int surrounds the TV and perfectly incorporates it into the space.

Putting in unexpected accent pieces over the sofa wall is something outlandish but gives the room an organic, homey feel. A bold, tonal contrast also offers a lot of minimalism to a living room and is always a good touch for the sofa wall décor.

Board and Batten Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room

Even a sofa with its back to another space, or a chaise lounge, a large bench, tables between chairs, an attractive screen, large lamps, curtains, or plants can help divide the spaces. Framed photos and pretty pictures are nice, but they aren’t your only option when it comes to decorating bare walls. Consider hanging up a unique rug or an intricate tapestry instead; these are not only visually appealing but add a textural element to your space. Mount some attractive wall shelves and arrange them as you see fit.

Decorating the wall behind the sofa: 10 styling tips – Ideal Home

Decorating the wall behind the sofa: 10 styling tips.

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The warmth and coziness of a well-arranged rustic style living room give a simple yet rich and homey aesthetics. The space around the seating makes it light and airy but the surrounding fixtures including the bookshelf at the back keep it enclosed and intimate. The problem with large living rooms is that there is so much space to fill sometimes. In here, instead of going for the usual corner shelving or cabinets, this ornate, standing bookshelf is used as the backdrop of this calm and clean seating arrangement. You find them from the simplest living rooms to opulent, Victorian ones. Keeping it black and white imbibes a retro look that does not disappoint like this one here. I’ve always been obsessed about making my home a cozy and inviting place to relax.

Multi-Tiered Wooden Gallery

All together, the room feels traditional and formal, country chic and casual. To elongate your already tall ceilings, hang a pendant light high above the sitting area.

And since there is no limit to what over the sofa wall décor constitutes, why not go all out and put in a large wall mural behind the couch just like this one here. Textured and colorful, this one here truly gives this living room a compelling look. If a more updated chalkboard is what we are going for, this café style montage board is a fine touch to use over the sofa wall décor and a backsplash wall at the same time.

Lighten Up with Whites

Large mirrors will reflect the room back, making it appear more spacious—even twice its actual size. It’s also one of 15 ideas to make a small room look bigger. You can find maps in home decor stores, antique shops, flea markets, or even https://www.wave-accounting.net/ take them from old atlases and other books. The key is to choose a map that is meaningful to you in some way. Maps often look best when framed, so if yours doesn’t come with one, consider having a custom frame made for your piece.

For a boatload of minimalist art inspiration, check out this gallery. But for those not wanting to go maximalist and prefer mediumism (that’s me!) or minimalism, this is for you. You want to let the things you really love have some breathing room because that will let you breathe a little easier. For me, clutter or having too much stuff in a space gives me low-grade anxiety.

Make sure that it fits the dimensions of your wall and does not obstruct or cover furniture. If the space is too big for only one piece of artwork, consider hanging two pieces next to each other on either side. Don’t ignore design in your laundry room just because you don’t love spending time there. “Laundry rooms are a great room to paint a fun color that you may be scared to use other places,” says Bowry. “Rugs and artwork also make the room more inviting.” She recommends parents hang their kids’ artwork there. Your little ones will feel special with their art displayed proudly, but you can keep your pricier pieces in the rooms guests see. Hiking up the size of your décor creates a big impression, even if the pieces aren’t too pricy, says Yael Meromy of design firm Studio D.

  • Had we decided to stay in our old house, I had all sorts of ideas to make our formal large living room more useful to us day to day.
  • Try online shops for affordable options, or shop your local boutiques to find a unique piece that stands out.
  • The wall behind the sofa is a major focal point in most rooms.
  • When in doubt, choose the color you love the most and use it everywhere, from your furniture to your window treatments.

If you don’t want to poke holes through your drywall, try putting up some wallpaper or wall decals, which provide plenty of pizzazz on their own. Stunning views of the marshland drove the design of this Palmetto Bluff living room. The floor-to-ceiling clerestory bay window is more than just a grand gesture to the landscape; it also ensures that the wraparound porch won’t steal a sliver of light from this ethereal space.

The sofa in Apartment Therapy founder Maxwell Ryan’s living room is a prime example of perfectly mismatched patterns. The couch maintains a tonal blue scheme, and the blue rug beneath it ties the whole look together. It’s a great way to practice your pattern mixing if you’re not ready to work with the entire rainbow yet. Check out Farrow & Ball for both timeless and cutting-edge paint colors. I would also suggest checking out flea markets for wall hangings and vintage baskets in all different sizes. Hang artful objects or decorative items like baskets or wall sculptures.

How can I make my living room walls look nice?

  1. Go for large-scale art. Max Burkhalter.
  2. Curate a gallery wall. Simon Watson.
  3. Incorporate an accent wall. In addition to displaying objects on the walls, think about decorating the walls themselves.
  4. Showcase a fabric.
  5. Hang up mirrors.
  6. Paint a mural.
  7. Install shelving.
  8. Hang plates.

A painting of a seascape hangs on the wall, and the blue-and-white color scheme echoes the area’s white sands and blue waters. A large rattan coffee table gives the room a mellow, beachy edge and doubles as a game table. Use furniture that can be used flexibly around your home. In this home, the designer peppered the living room with turquoise and lavender, while in the den , a deeper teal and violet dominate. A pair of whimsical Moroccan-inspired stools upholstered in a striped fabric serves as a coffee table, but can be converted to extra seating in either space. “I don’t think fabrics have to be matchy-matchy to communicate with each other,” Lindsey Ellis Beatty says of her sunroom.