10 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes Beginners Make and How to Avoid Them in 2023

10 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, the list goes on and on. Numerous digital marketing forms are emerging day by day. In this light, it can seldom be denied that in today’s digital era, SMS marketing is one of the major forms of marketing.  

Tried and tested, several companies are known to have profited hugely from its effective and strategic utilisation. Moreover, if you own a local business, it becomes all the more necessary to develop a strong SMS marketing strategy so that you can retain your customers who are already familiar with your brand. Nonetheless, it should not be overlooked that many companies commit few mistakes in the initial stages of implementing this marketing technique. Fortunately, there’s always room for improvement and this guide will introduce you to some of the common mistakes you should avoid while developing SMS gateway strategies. 

10 SMS Marketing Mistakes Beginners Make 

Take a look at the most common SMS marketing mistakes made by beginners. 

  1. Texting Without Any Introduction: 

One of the most common mistakes companies make when they are promoting their brand through SMS is sending messages without welcoming the recipient. People may not remember signing up for your SMS list. Hence, it’s always courteous to introduce them to your brand briefly and proceed with the sales pitch. This will keep them from blocking you and assuming your message to be spam. A personalised message with a thank you note is always a good idea. 

  1. Sending Messages Beyond Business Hours: 

Have you ever been called for work during your holidays? If the answer is yes, take some time to recollect the instant emotion that hit you during the time. You probably felt annoyed and irritated and a willingness to quit the job may have crossed your mind for a brief while. The feeling is quite akin to what your customers feel when you text them beyond business hours. Unless necessary, avoid sending text alerts during such hours. Scheduling your texts in advance at an appropriate time is recommended.

  1. Texting With An Incorrect SMS Encoding: 

Ensuring that your message is comprehensible to your customers is critical to generate a positive response from them. Due to this, being aware of the proper SMS encoding is highly important because your message may not be legible if you use the wrong encoding. GSM7 includes the letters and symbols of several languages and is the most commonly used default encoding type while UCS-2 encoding contains special characters. 

  1. Texting Long URLs: 

When it comes to SMS marketing campaigns, every character counts. You get a limit of 160 characters and to make sure you only stick to valuable content, shortening your URLs can be quite handy. Longer links tend to look spammy and it can make your prospects look away. Shorter links will ensure you do not exceed the character limit and it can also increase your click-through rate. 

  1. Sending Off-Brand Messages: 

Before you begin the journey of SMS marketing, you must be aware of its purpose. Why are you sending the concerned marketing messages to your customers? Do you want to retain them? Do you want to make them aware about upcoming sales or discounts? No matter the reason, make sure your message is related to your brand. Going off-brand with your messages will fail to grab and retain the attention of the customers to your text. Do not forget to include your company name in the text and always balance your texts by keeping them brand-centric and customer-centric. 

  1. Stressing Solely On Sales: 

While it is understood that the main motive of your SMS marketing campaign is to generate more sales, you must do so in a concealed manner. Adapting a friendly and conversational tone for your texts instead of a formal tone can be more effective in making your customers feel cared about. Let them know that you put their needs ahead of everything else through your text. You can do so by asking their feedback or enlightening them about some helpful tips. In no time, you will be generating the sales you desire. 

  1. Texting Without Testing Campaigns: 

One of the most costly mistakes companies make while performing SMS marketing is sending the texts without testing them. Testing your SMS campaigns before implementing them particularly if they are huge in number and automated can sometimes result in a huge and expensive loss. Doing so will help you prevent typos, bad segmentation, ineffective audience segments, broken links, incorrect links, and the like. 

  1. Sending Too Many Texts: 

Many companies are led to believe or hold the assumption that sending more texts is always better. However, no one wants their phones to keep buzzing with commercial text alerts. Keep in mind that customers may have signed up for text alerts from other companies apart from yours. Hence, witnessing their phones filled with text alerts from various companies may annoy them. Be upfront with your customers and make them aware about your SMS schedule be it daily, weekly, or monthly and stick to it.

  1. Repeating The Same Texts: 

When customers get your text alerts, they expect to open up a message that is helpful and informative to them. Most of all, they want to be introduced to something new rather than read the same thing they’ve recently read. Sending the same message or the same offer repeatedly to your customers is certain to get on their nerves so don’t be surprised if they add you to their block list. Keep them from experiencing the subscriber’s remorse due to your texts and make every message of yours worth their while. 

  1. Exclusion Of Call-to-Action In Texts: 

The way you wind up your messages is one of the major determinants of your recipients’ responses. If you want your prospects to take some action or check out more about your brand, adding a call to action towards the end of the text is highly necessary. After all, you must give them a sense of direction regarding what they need to do after they complete reading your message. Neglecting the same is what causes many companies to lose potential customers.

How to avoid these mistakes?

Here are some helpful tips to help you prevent the common SMS marketing mistakes mentioned above .

  1. Always introduce your brand and include a welcome and thank you note for the customers in your messages.
  2. Avoid texting your customers beyond working hours and stick to an appropriate schedule. 
  3. Research about the correct SMS encoding to make your messages comprehensible for all your customers.
  4. Try to shorten your URLs as much as possible to utilize the character limit efficiently. 
  5. Make sure the content of your messages are relevant to your brand and to your customers. 
  6. Keep your texts friendly and conversational rather than focusing only on sales.
  7. Always execute your SMS marketing campaign only after testing the same carefully. 
  8. Text in moderation and if you are required to send messages regularly, be upfront about it with your customers. 
  9. Avoid sending the same messages time and again. Keep your messages relevant and fresh.
  10. By the end of your message, give your customers a clarity of what action they should take next. 

Wrapping Up

SMS marketing is one of the most effective, efficient, and also the simplest forms of digital marketing. Its proper use can generate several profitable results for your business. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of its execution is furthermore an added advantage. However, to ensure you utilize it to your best advantage, you must attend to the aforementioned mistakes to avoid carefully. Although these mistakes are common, preventing them is not a devil’s task. 

The suggestions listed in this guide will keep you from tripping into the pitfalls of SMS marketing. Ergo, buckle up your marketing skills and get going!